The FishDude's Guide Service
I offer full and half day Lake Conroe fishing trips for 2 -6 members of a group.  I also do corporate fishing trips with advanced notice.  I can get a full
complement of fishing guides for most occasions, each of which I have the utmost confidence in.  Give me a call or send an email for rates.

Lake Conroe is known as Houston's play ground but most people don't realize the lake is one of the best fishing lakes within 50 miles of Houston.

Lake Conroe has produced several monster Black Bass and Hybrid Striper's over 12 pounds.  Also Crappie up to 2 pounds and just about as many catfish as
anyone would ever want.

Lake Conroe has the best Hybrid Striper fishing I've seen in the Houston area.
We consistently catch Hybrid Stripers that weigh from 6 to 12 pounds on a variety of baits primarily live shad.  The Hybrid Striper is one of the most aggressive
fish there is in fresh water.

Black Bass are in good supply in Lake Conroe also they tend to be finicky from time to time though.  Most Black Bass are fair size when you do get them to bite
ranging from 3 pounds to the Monster 13+ sizes.

Crappie on Lake Conroe are fantastic in late spring and can be caught in a variety of ways from jig fishing to minnows; with slab Crappie that exceed 2 pounds at

Finally the Catfish the almighty catfish is one of the most exciting fish there is.  I say this because of the numbers of them you catch and because in the cooler
months from October through April you can catch larger fish and a lot of them.  In the warmer months the catfish tend to be a little smaller but are there in
numbers.  Catfish in the cooler months generally run 2 to 8 pounds and warmer months 2 to 4 pounds.

Catfish 25 per person  12" min. length
Hybrid Stripers 5 per person  18" min. length
Crappie 25 per person 10" min. length
Black Bass 5 per person 16" min. length
By Texas Law the fishing guides limit is excluded from the days catch

All of this and more truly make Lake Conroe Houston's Playground!!!
I believe in being honest with my customers by being truthful about what type of fish are biting; if the fish they are wanting to target are not biting then I will
tell them so.  This is why most people continue to come with me.  No excuses just the facts.
You'll show up as a client and leave as a friend!!
I would like to think that if more of us would involve our children in the outdoors whether it be fishing or hunting their would be a lot less crime in the world.  
Myself if one fish was the difference between my son or daughter growing up to do the right things they would certainly be on the water with every opportunity
and they are!!

I Love You Leah and Cole!!!  Dad!
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